MedEase Assembly

Oct 06, 2020 | Joshua Fleming

MedEase Assembly

Thank you for purchasing our MedEase 450 pound capacity shower chair. With these simple to follow instructions, you will be able to assemble the MedEase heavy-duty shower chair in no time. 

Prior To Assembly

As with anything you buy, whether it be online of from a brick and mortar store, the first thing you must do is ensure all the pieces are included in the package. 

Below you can see all the pieces of the MedEase shower chair laid out. If your package doesn't include all of these pieces, please contact us here so we can rectify the issue ASAP. 


How To Assemble The MedEase Heavy Duty Shower Chair CST-3022

Step 1. Assembling The Seat Cross Bars

Parts Needed

First, turn the seat upside down so that the underneath side of the seat is facing upwards.

Position the under-seat support bars so that they cross over each other. Ensure that the centre channels of each cross bar fits snug together. If they are not lined up correctly, the screw won't be able to pass through the holes. 

Position the cross bars in the moulded section of the underside of the shower seat. 

Once you are happy with the placement of the cross bars, use 1 x Short Thumb screw in the centre hole to lock the underside of the seat to the cross bars.

Do Note: At this stage you are only putting in 1 shorter screw, not all 5. 

Step 2. Connecting The Horizontal Straight Bars

Parts Needed

Shower Chair Assembly Guide

Position the 2 X horizontal bars over the allotted holes of the cross bar you just assembles in step 1.

Using the 4X long thumb screws, tighten the horizontal bar to the under-seat cross bar.

Recap: Step 1 & 2: Shower seat with cross bars and horizontal bars attached using 1 x small thumb screw and 4 LARGE thumb screws. 

MedEase showerchair Instruction manual

Step 3. Assemble the lower cross brace that connects all 4 legs.

Parts Needed

Assembling cross brace on shower chair

Using the supplied washers, bolts and nuts, attach the top cross brace to the 2 diagonal opposite legs, ensuring the channel in the centre is facing downwards.

Loosely tighten each end of the brace to the two opposing legs. With the second cross brace, ensure the centre channel is facing upwards to align with the cross brace we just assembled.
Tighten each end to the opposing legs so that the 2 cross bars you just added create a X shape.

Finally, insert the last bolt into the centre hole that connects the two cross braces. Loosely tighten with the included washer and nut. Once you have all joints in the cross brace aligned, then go back and tighten all 9 nuts using the included spanner.

Step 4. Connect all 4 height adjustable legs

Parts Needed

How to raise height of legs on shower chair

Simply insert each leg into the under-seat bars we installed at step one. Using the 'C' clip, adjust the leg height to your desired height by pushing the pin of the clip into the hole of the leg ensuring that it is aligned with the hole on the under-seat cross bar frame.

Push the C clip into the hole to connect the leg to the under-seat brace. Ensure each leg is level and the C clip is on the same height hole on all four legs.

Step 5. Attaching the backrest 'L Poles'.

Parts Needed

To attach the back rest, you will need to now stand the shower chair upright and you will need the 2 poles shaped like a 'L'. Insert the shorter end of the L pole into the back end of the horizontal pole we installed at Step 2.

To insert each pole you will need to push down on the spring button with your finger and then slide it into the horizontal pole. The L pole will then 'snap' into position. Repeat this for both of the backrest support poles.

Step 6. Attaching The Backrest to the L Poles

Parts Needed

Assembling shower chair backrest instructions

The final step is to attach the backrest to the L poles we just installed. This step requires 4 X short thumb screws and the actual backrest.

Simply line up one hole of the backrest with the relevant hole on the front side of the 'L' pole we just assembled at step 5.  Insert the short thumb screw one at a time and loosely tighten the short thumb screw into the holes.

Once all 4 short screws have been inserted into the holes of the backrest and feel firmly in place in the backrest L Poles, tighten each thumb screw so that the backrest is nice and sturdy.


Job done, now it's time to celebrate with a hot cuppa. Thank you for following this assembly guide for the MedEase heavy-duty shower chair. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support staff for further instructions. 


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