How To Shave Your Head When Going Bald

Apr 27, 2020 | Joshua Fleming

How To Shave Your Head When Going Bald

How To Shave Your Head When Going BaldAt some point in time, most men will face male pattern baldness, and learning how to shave your head when going bald is something that's going to prove extremely valuable. Going bald is something a lot of men worry about from a young age. As losing your hair can start as a teenager, it can be quite a daunting transition into adulthood. While this is the small minority of men, for the majority of us we think that going bald means that we're getting older and have passed our prime.

Coming to terms with going bald can be difficult for most men. Some of us accept this phase in life and just admit defeat by shaving it all off, which by the way I am in full support of. 

I Lost My Hair As A Teenager

But there's always the kind of person that doesn't want to admit defeat and will do anything in their power to deny this natural part of the male's hair cycle. We all know who the type of guy I'm talking about is. Wearing a hat 24/7, creating combovers or wearing shocking wigs. Instead of just accepting that hair loss is happening to them and embracing the change.

As someone who started losing my hair when I was 14 years old, I have long been prepared for losing my hair and have been the butt of a lot of jokes from my friends. Except now that we are all older they are coming to me and asking how to shave their heads since it's finally happening to them.

This is why I think it's important that every male learn how to shave their heads as it's an important skill to learn and different to shaving a beard. With that in mind, it's time to learn how to shave your head when you're balding.

How To Shave Your Head When You're Starting To Go Bald

So you've come to the conclusion that you need to shave your head, which is a very difficult decision to make, now it's time to make the big leap. However, once you have made up your mind and want to know how to shave your head, there are a few things you will want to know before you just rush in and shave.

The biggest shock that comes to most men when they shave their head is the shape of their head, which can often leave some men thinking they will now live a life of wearing a hat. I suggest you really give your head a once over and a get feel for the shape beforehand just to help with minimizing the shock that can happen.

There is actually another reason you will want to check the shape of your head and that's to see if there are things like divets and ridges that can make shaving difficult for the unprepared. Knowing the shape of your head will help prevent any kind of cuts that can happen when it comes to shaving.

Steps To Take When Shaving Your Head For The First Time

The First Step

Now that you've come to terms with that you will need to shave your head and are fully prepared for the upcoming task, it's time to get started. Once you've taken into account the shape of your head you will need a pair of clippers.

Some men will want to shave all the hair so it's smooth while others may still want just half an inch or so covering the skull. Deciding how short you want your hair will help you decide which balding trimmers to buy.

Choosing The Right Hair Trimmers For The JobUsing Hair Clippers To Shave A Bald Head

If your hair is rather long hair (where there is hair) you may need to trim the hair down with some scissors first. This will get the hair to a more manageable length so that the trimmers can blaze over your head with minimal resistance.

Once you've gotten your hair to a shorter length you will then want to use the right clippers to achieve the results you want. 

You might do this step a few times but using a quality set of clippers will really help with this step. This is one of the most difficult steps to do as it can take quite a while and the result can be hard to come to terms with for some people.

The benefit of using hair trimmers like this is that you can use them to style your children's hair as well. Think of the amount of money Barbershops charge for basically the same result. Buying a set of hair clippers like this is not only beneficial for you, but for your wallet going forward.

Maintaining A Bald HeadHow To Maintain A Bald Head

In this day and age, there are products that have been designed especially for keeping your bald head clean and trimmed that not only make life easier but much quicker. This is something that's called a bald head skull shaver, this is a product designed to replace your old razor which is far more dangerous.

This step is made much quicker and safer with the help of something like the BaldX Skull Shaver, which will get you to the bald look day in day out.

The Bald-X is a handheld skull shaver that you run over your head and face if you desire quickly before jumping in the shower. It only takes a few seconds to do and because it is cordless, you literally have no preparation time. By doing this every day for a few seconds, you can maintain the perfect bald head look.

The Third Step

Now that you've gone over your head with the clippers and bald head shaver you're now going to be at the look that a lot of men will be envious of. However, before you celebrate just yet, there is one step left to do to make sure you look after all the hard work you just did.

You will want to remove all the loose hair from your head and take a cool shower to help remove any excess hair that was being stubborn. If you don't do this, be prepared to be itchy! Then you will want to dry and moisturize your freshly shaven head to give it the protection and smoothness it will need.

That is the last step you will need to do for the first time you have to shave your head. While it will take some getting used to, you will eventually start to notice that the only person who really cared about being bald, was you and once you're used to it, you will feel a little stupid for worrying about it.

A Fourth Step - Upkeep

Now that you've shaven your head and it's been a week or a few days depending on how quickly your hear grows. You will need to go over your head again with a bald head shaver to keep the freshly shaven look which doesn't take anywhere near as long as your first time doing it.

This will eventually become a part of your routine the more you do it and it won't be too much of an issue once you're used to it in my opinion. You should always apply moisturizer after shaving since it will help make your skin better and you can always tell when someone doesn't.

The Products I Use To Get A Close Clean Shave

Being someone who has had a lot of years of being bald, my head is something I've had a lot of people ask me about and how I get it so close and clean looking. One of the things that allow me to get this look is decades of practice and certain products that I use that give me a close clean shave.

What Hair Clippers Do I Use?

Kemei Hair Clippers

Even tho I've been bald for two decades there are still times where I just don't feel like shaving my head and I need to reshave my head with clippers. This is where I use these Kemei rechargeable trimmers that give me a quality shave without costing several hundred as many high-end clippers cost.

One of the biggest issues you find with clippers is that they can corrode because of what they're made of which can end up costing you a lot of money. These clippers have ceramic blades that stop that from happening which has saved me a lot of money over the years.

I also really like the feel they have in my hands when using them which is something beginners neglect because they don't understand the importance of it. They also have non-slip grips so there is a lower chance of dropping them or slipping while shaving and causing your head damage.

Positive Side Effects From Shaving Your Head Bald


What Bald Head Shaver Do I Use?

BaldX Rechargeable Bald Head Shaver

I know a lot of people like to use a razor on their heads and I can understand why when it's been around for so long, surely it works. Which it does, but it's also more difficult to do and when you have to do it quite often I want something easier which is where I use this BaldX.

The reason I really like these bald head shavers is just how easy they're to use and the smaller hand-design makes them comfortable to hold. Just turn them on and run it over your head a few times and you're good to go which can make it easy to do before work in the morning.

To charge it you only need a USB port which most of us have so there is no extra spending there. It doesn't take long to charge and once fully charge it will last up to 60-minutes and when you consider it only takes a few minutes to shave your head, that's a lot of extra charge.

Why I Don't Use Razors Anymore?

There are a few reasons why I don't use razors anymore when it comes to shaving and the risk of cutting yourself isn't one of them anymore. It takes a long time so it becomes a day off work only task and nothing something you can do before work for most people.

The other reason is you need to use shaving cream then shave your head while constantly washing the blade. This is a messy and long process that I would much rather avoid now that there are easier ways.

Learn How To Shave Your Balding Head From Home

As you can see from above, with the help of just 2 hair trimmers, I am able to maintain a fresh and clean bald look without wasting money on barbershops. To tell you the truth, I have had one haircut since being a teenager.

For the amount of money I've saved from not paying for haircuts, it makes complete sense to invest in a hair trimmer suited for bald people. It frees up your time and your money, so what are you waiting for? Shave that bald head today!

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