Best Ways To Shave A Bald Head

Apr 28, 2020 | Joshua Fleming

Best Way To Shave Your Head Bald For The Closest Shave Without A Razor

There was a time not too long ago when being bald would be something that most men would consider to be embarrassing or shameful even. However, with the rising number of balding celebrities, more and more men are looking for the best way to shave your head bald.

Being a bald person since about the age of 14, over the years I've noticed the positive movement to the balding head look. It's actually become popular to be bald and this movement is something I am certainly not against!

Being bald isn't the death sentence that many of us think it is, even tho I completely understand why you may be feeling that way or use to feel that way.

Being confident in your own appearance is not easy for everyone, but had I known all those years ago that embracing the bald look would have completely changed my outlook on my appearance. It certainly would have helped me when I started to lose my hair when I was still in high school.

What was once a hindrance to my everyday life has turned into something that I'm grateful for now since it's become something that more people are actually searching out for and being proud of it.

Knowing How To Shave Your Head Is Critical

Being bald and knowing how to shave my head has helped me build self-confidence over the years. By embracing the fact that you don't have hair like Brad Pitt or George Clooney may be the hardest step to take. But once you get your first set of trimmers you will be amazed at how quickly actors like Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel suddenly become your role models.

That's not to mention the amount of money I save on unnecessary haircuts, styling products, and time wasted sitting in a barbershop.

If this is your first time shaving your head you might be nervous but I'm here to reassure you that it's not as difficult as you might think. Once you've done it a few times it will be a skill you will have throughout your life and even help with getting back the self-belief you deserve.

What Is The Best Way To Shave Your Head Bald?Closest Shave Hair Trimmer

There are only a few ways of shaving your head bald with most of them being fairly simple but for the first-timer it can be a little overwhelming. But don't stress, whatever hair you do have, will grow back if you end up deciding that a bald head is just not for you.

Before you learn how to shave your balding head, there are a number of steps that you need to do before shaving your head that will help save you time and make shaving much easier.

If this is your first time I would highly recommend going over your head shape and feeling around to check for things like divets which could be an issue when shaving. Not just for the potential cuts, but for also areas where you might miss if you're inexperienced.

Once you've done this you will be ready to shave your head which can be a little on the slow side the first time you do it. Depending on the length of your hair you might need to cut it down first and go over it with a pair of clippers first to get it lower.

What Balding Trimmer Do I Recommend?

With there being so many ways to shave your head, there is only one type of trimmer that I really recommend, and that's using something like this BaldX Head Shaver. There are a few reasons why I like this option with one of the biggest reasons being that it's the quickest and easiest to upkeep once you've shaved once.

This particular model has some extra attachments that can save you money as you won't need to buy a second pair of clippers to get your hair low enough to shave bald. I like this because it helps save time by just swapping attachments and not needing to get a second product out which is something I think most people will like.

BaldX Skull Shaver Review

The Upkeep On A Bald Head Is Super Quick With The BaldX Trimmer

Using a bald head shaver is also really easy and simple to do that will make upkeep much more enjoyable. It will only take a few minutes to shave your head bald using something like this which means you can knock it out before going to work, unlike other ways that make shaving your head feel like a weekend task.

There is also no need for things like shaving cream which can make shaving your head a messy job which also slows you down. You will still want to put some moisturizer on your head after you've shaved it to protect it, but that comes with all forms of shaving in my opinion.

Another Way To Shave Your Head Bald

In my opinion, using a razor is one of the most common ways to shave your head bald and I can understand why. It's been around for generations because it works and it can be cost-effective if you invest in a high-quality razor and blades at the start. But then you're stuck constantly buying new blades to replace the old dull ones.

You might have noticed I might not be the biggest fan of using a razor to shave which is a little unfair on razors since that's all I had in the beginning. The act of shaving your head with a razor can be satisfying to actually do which is something I do really like and is something I reckon most people should try.

You will still need to either go to a barbershop to get your hair cut before using a razor or buy a set of short hair clippers and do it yourself. A razor can't just go into a full head of hair, you need to have your hair as short as possible before using a razor which can be an issue.

This is the main reason I'm not a fan of using a razor as it takes a long time and has a lot of requirements that using a bald head shaver doesn't have. Having to wake up extra early before work just to shave your head gets tiring very quickly and often leads to people just giving up and letting their hair grow out.

Something I Don't Recommend But It's An Option

A trend that I've started noticing is that some people are starting to recommend waxing your head instead of shaving it. This is something I don't recommend as it can be one of the most painful experiences that can easily be avoided by just using a razor or a skull shaver.

The biggest reason is that your scalp has more hair then let's say your arms and legs so you're removing large amounts quickly which is painful. The scalp is also very sensitive which will add to the pain and there is a possibility of damaging the nerves which is something no one wants.

So no matter what you see people do online or even in person, don't listen to someone who claims to wax your head is the best choice since it takes longer for the hair to grow back. The possibility of nerve damage and the pain it puts you in, it's just not worth it and there are much easier ways to achieve this.

Waxing Your Bald Head Hurts!!

What To Use To Shave Your Head Bald

There are a lot of different clippers and razors on the market with some of them costing several hundred dollars which is something that I know a lot of us just don't have sitting around for shaving. Not only are there a lot of expensive ones there are also a lot of models that just don't have the right features you require for shaving your head.

What I Recommend To Shave Your Head Bald

You may have already noticed I mentioned using a bald head shaver before which is what I use and is what I recommend people use. The particular model I recommend is called the BaldX which isn't the fanciest model on the market but it will become one of your main tools when it comes to shaving your head bald on a daily basis

This particular model has a lot of features that make life easier and will save you not only time but also money. The attachments it comes with are really useful as you can use these to first clip your hair down to a lower level so you can shave it, so no need for an extra pair of clippers or paying for a haircut.

One thing that really stands out with the BaldX is the size of it is smaller than most other bald head shavers on the market. This makes it fit in your hand really easily which makes it really comfortable to use when you're shaving your head.

Thankfully like most products in this day and age, it's rechargeable and only requires a USB port to charge it which is something I think most people have access to. Add this with the 60-minute battery life you won't have to worry about it dying on you mid shave which is an issue I've had before with other more expensive trimmers.

Concluding The Best Ways To Shave Your Head Best Way To Shave Your Head Bald

My personal preference is to go with the BaldX skull shaver as the amount of time it saves and how it takes the headache out of shaving your head bald is to hard pass up on.

Part of my daily routine is to simply run the BaldX over my bald head before having a shower, it literally takes seconds and as a result, I have a close shaved head on a daily basis. Minimal upkeep and long battery life is what sells me on the BaldX.

I've been doing this for decades and have plenty more head shaving ahead of me, so saving time is something I consider to be very important.

While I can understand if you would prefer to use a razor it's just not something I can go back to unless I absolutely have to. The mess and how long it takes get's tiring very quickly and something I'd rather only have to do in an emergency. However, if it's something you prefer than I recommend at least trying bald head shaver and seeing if that will change your opinion.



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