Balding When To Shave Your Head

Apr 30, 2020 | Joshua Fleming

Balding? When To Shave Your Head

Balding? When to shave your head is something that I see a lot of men asking online these days. As someone with plenty of experience at being bald, since the age of 14, I feel I may be able to help answer this question for some people. I will say I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to this question since all our situations are different.

For a lot of men losing your hair and shaving your head is an important issue, one that can often lead you to question your own self worth and confidence.

While its only natural to feel this way, shaving your head and going bald isn't as big of an issue as you might think. Studies show that over 50% of men experiencing it at some point in their lifetime, you may just happen to have joined the club earlier than others.

Shaving Your Head Can Improve Your Appearance

In a lot of cases shaving your head can actually make someone look better and can give them a sense of confidence that might otherwise have been lost. You're free from worrying about it so you can move on with your life and start to enjoy living more instead of worrying about if anyone notices your receding hairline. Your friends and family will also pick up on this new self-belief and happiness shining from you.

So going bald and shaving your head isn't the death sentence you might think it is. There are still a number of questions that you should ask yourself first, which is why I've compiled this list of answers to help you out!

Is Baldness Attractive

Should You Shave Your Head

For such a personal question, it's something that I get asked a lot and that's should you shave your head? This could come from the fact that I've been shaving my head for over two decades and having a shaved head isn't the issue that a lot of people use to think it was.

As with all of these types of questions, there are things you need to know and then ask yourself some questions to help work it all out. Once you've learned and asked these questions you will be in a much better position to answer this question.

Working Out Your Head Shape

One of the biggest issues that most men have when shaving their heads is will the shape of their head actually suit being bald? While there is a lot of factors to this, there are times where genetics and time will work against you, and going bald is going to happen either way.

This isn't a bad thing of course and shouldn't be treated as such in my opinion. One of the better ways of working out your head shape is to just feel your head and run your hands over it and try to get the shape of it down. Once you've got a bit of an idea of the shape of your head you will make your life easier when it comes to shaving, but also get an idea if it will suit you.

But at the end of the day, if you shave your head and you discover that the shape of your head doesn't really suit a bald head, you can always just regrow the hair you currently have.

What Age Should You Shave Your Head

Time waits for no one and this is the case with your hairline! The older you get the more likely you are to lose your hair. Losing your hair is the natural progression of these things so while at the time it can be frightening, its something most men have to deal with.

You could end up like me who was starting to lose there hair at the age of 14 which is a lot to take in when you're so young. It's also the reason why I'm very accepting of going bald and why I can tell you it's not as big of a deal as you might think.

While losing your hair at a young age is challenging in terms of your peers and potential romance, the older you get the more normal it becomes and you can live a normal life.

Does Your Profession  Require Hair?

While there are not a lot of jobs out there that do require hair, there are some that do, and if you have one of these jobs I could see it being an issue. Thankfully it's a bigger benefit in most cases to not have hair in a job from my experience.

If you work in the food industry and you're bald you're less likely to get a complaint from there being hair in the food. Even if you work as a hairdresser being bald is the perfect time to show off the best ways to shave a bald head and achieve such a close shave, which will work as an advantage.

The Most Important Thing To Ask Yourself

If there is one thing that you take away from all this, I would hope it's this very section as I deem it to be the most important. Having to shave your head isn't that big of an issue and not shaving is also true as being confident in your look is more important than any fashion trend or what any random person around you thinks.

Being comfortable in your appearance might even mean that you don't shave and keep your hair for just a bit longer. If that's what makes you comfortable and confident then that is the answer for you in my opinion.

The same can be said for those who shave their heads because they didn't like the way their hair was going. Both options are right as long as it's what you want and is happy with.

What's The Average Age A Male Goes Bald Balding When To Shave Your Head

One thing that I'm not a big fan of is averages as at times the people at the top bring the average up so much that people don't fully realize what's going on at the bottom. This can apply to a number of averages such as wage average and more importantly the average age a male goes bald.

When you consider that roughly 66% of men in their sixties are going to be bald it will bring up the averages for all age groups. This is why I think finding the average age a male goes bald is better when you go with averages of every decade or so.

Between 20 And 30

The average for men this age is on the lower end coming in at roughly 20% but it's also the most important time for baldness. This is when most men will actually start to notice that their hair is receding and it starts to be a concern. Just remember that 20% of males will actually experience this.

Balding In Your 30's!

What age should you shave your head

In most cases when you get to between this age the average only goes up by 5% and is now at 25%. For some people, it will be more noticeable than others at this age and is something that might be time to consider what your future will be with your hair.

50 To 60

This is where the biggest jump happens out of all the decades on this list with an incredible 50% of men experiencing hair loss that can lead to baldness. So if you're in this age bracket and you're concerned you're the only one I can assure you that's not the case.

Rare Hair Loss

One of the rarest ages to lose your hair is when you're a teenager which is the group I'm apart of. I'm not exactly sure what the average is since it's not very common, just know for you teenagers losing your hair it's not the death sentence you think it is.

Benefits Of Shaving Your Head

A lot of men won't realize that there are more benefits to shaving their heads then attempting to keep it as long as possible. It could even be affecting things like your career or relationships without you even knowing it. So it's important to find out what these benefits are to help you make an informed decision as to when to shave your head if you're balding.

There is a lot of opinions on balding men, with most of them being negative. With such things as balding men are less attractive, not as assertive, and so forth. This can lead to a lot of these men having poor self-esteem which can lead to a number of mental health issues that can have worrying results.

I would like you to re-read a part of that previous sentence and pay particular attention to the term "balding men" and just focus on those words for a bit as they're important. This term "balding men" can make a big difference in how people perceive you and treat you.

Change Balding Into Bald

Now I want you to go with the new term bald men and see if there is a difference with what you're thinking. Bald man is perceived very differently to balding men with a bald man being seen as more confident and more powerful in comparison to a balding man.

Think of some of the most popular male actors and people who adore them like Dwayne Johnson who is universally loved and seen as extremely confident. This is the biggest benefit of shaving your head as you will come across as more confident and masculine.

A big part of the reason for this is that society makes a lot more fun of people trying to cover up their balding hair compared to men who show it off. In a worst-case scenario, you shave your head, you don't like it, and then you grow it back, so you have nothing to lose.

How To Shave Your Head With A Receding Hair Line What Age Do YOu Start Going Bald

One of the biggest issues most men face when it comes to shaving their heads with a receding hairline is actually learning how to shave their heads in the first place. It can seem like a difficult task when you've never done it before and can put a lot of people off which is something I can understand.

There are a number of different ways to shave your head and when you're first starting out, there are certainly ways I'd recommend first as they're safer and easier. If you're not confident in your ability to shave your head by yourself, getting a family member to shave it for you is an option if they're more confident.

The Easiest Way To Shave

Being a beginner is difficult when it comes to shaving as doing a poor job can leave you in some awkward situations like not getting all the hair. This is why I like to recommend using hair clippers when you're first starting out and don't have the confidence yet.

Clippers can remove the danger out of shaving and are less likely to leave you with a bad finish. Even when you get more experienced at shaving and want something else I still recommend keeping a pair of quality clippers in your cupboard since they're always reliable.

No Other Option

For some people, their hair is too far gone and it doesn't really get long enough for clippers to be of use anymore. Thankfully there is a product designed to help you out that's safe and easy to use and that is a bald head shaver. These machines are designed to fit in your hand and give you one of the closest shaves you will ever have.

They're great for going over your head in the morning before work since they're so quick and easy to use. They're something that I recommend using in combination with some clippers as the clippers can take care of the longer hair, and the bald head shaver will take it even closer.

How Brave Are You Feeling?

There is one final way to shave your head and it's been around for an extremely long time which is why a lot of people still rely on it. This is, of course, shaving your head with a razor which will give you the closest shave you can get out of anything on the market in my opinion.

Apart from the obvious danger of putting a blade to your head, a razor is something that I rarely recommend to people with the danger really only being an issue in the beginning.

I find the constant need for replacement blades and how long it takes to shave more of an issue and is one of the reasons I don't really recommend it. Now it is time for you to determine that if you are balding, when should you shave your head. No matter what you read online, the decision will be solely personal and only you can make that call.

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