Are Kemei Hair Clippers Any Good And Who Makes Them

Jul 08, 2020 | Joshua Fleming

Are Kemei Hair Clippers Any Good And Who Makes Them

Because Kemei isn't a huge brand in the USA, many people often search; Are Kemei hair clippers any good, followed closely by where are Kemei Clippers made?. When you don't know much about a brand or its reputation, research becomes your best friend.

It is easy to get swept away with hyped up sales pages without actually knowing what the quality of the product is actually like. This can end up disastrous for online customers and this is exactly why you need to do prior research before handing over your money.

Within this short article, I will dive deeper into the world of Kemei hair trimmers to bring you the knowledge you require.

Is Kemei A Good Brand To Buy?

Like just about any brand name on this planet, Kemei has some great products and some not so great products. So how do you know whether or not the hair trimmers are worth buying or not?.

As the saying goes, If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So if you find the price tag of the Kemei clippers is what is pulling you in for the purchase, stop and think....

Is it cheap because it's of poor quality?

Cheap doesn't always mean poor quality, but from my personal experience with hair trimmers, cheap models simply don't go the distance.

So a good starting point on whether Kemei hair trimmers are good or not will be determined largely by their price tag. Because Kemei does have some really good clippers and some really poor ones that should certainly be left on the shelf.

What Are The Best Kemei Hair Clippers?

I am not going to list off or the poor quality hair trimmers that you should avoid, rather I will talk a little more about the model I find is not only a good product but rather good value for your money.

We here at stock one of the best Kemei hair clippers on the US market. The Kemei Km-5031 is a 11-in-1 men's haircutting and grooming solution. This kit is of high quality and doesn't cost you the world. To read more about it and check out the price, click on the link above.

What About Counterfeit & Fake Kemei Hair Trimmers?

Unfortunately, with relaxed laws in certain parts of the world, counterfeit products are a huge problem and Kemei is not exempt from this behavior.

We have come across many online stores selling counterfeit Km-5031 hair clippers so the question remains, are the fake ones any good?

From my personal experience, no fake Kemei hair clippers are not worth the few bucks you may save. I have found them to be dangerous to use as the blades are not aligned correctly and can cut or grave your face and head.

I have also heard of these fake trimmers not being able to operate without being plugged into the wall. Being a cordless hair trimmer, you should be able to run the clippers off the internal rechargeable battery.

I have even come across people that have bought fake Km-5031 clippers where the clippers themselves wouldn't shut off. Now, this is why I would 100% avoid the cheap imitation Kemei hair clippers.

Knock Off Kemei HAir Trimmers

We Stock Genuine Kemei Hair Clippers

Not only is it poor form to sell ripoff products, but the headaches of dealing with angry and upset customers also is certainly not worth the few bucks saved.

As you can see by the below image, we stock genuine Kemei Km-5031 hair clippers in our Michigan warehouse. No fake clippers here!

Genuine Kemei Hair Clippers

Who Makes Kemei Hair Clippers

While it may come as no surprise, but Kemei is a Chinese brand (KEMEY), but before you run off screaming just remember that 20% of the world's products come from China.

Now I completely understand wanting to buy American Made, but the reality is that our labor costs would drive the price of these hair trimmers to a point in which people couldn't afford them anymore.

Part of the appeal to Kemei is the generally good quality at a price you can afford. However, the affordable price is only possible due to being made in China for lower labor costs. 

Where Are Kemei Hair Clippers Made?

Kemei hair trimmers are made in China, but don't get this confused with 'poorly' made. Not everything you buy that is made in China is a cheap knock off. The brand name Kemei is a real deal company (Yiwu Kemei Electric Appliance Co., Ltd) that specializes in hair shaving equipment.

Kemei was founded in 2010 but it wasn't until 2006 that the brand name Kemei started popping up across America. Since then, they have grown bigger as a brand gaining more and more fans by the day. Look, they even have their own signage on the side of one of their offices in China. 

Where Are Kemei Hair Clippers Made


Should You Buy Kemei Hair Trimmers?

Would you stop using your android smartphone just because it comes from China? I didn't think so. So why let the fact that Kemei hair clippers are made by a company in China deter you from buying them? It is no different.

My suggestion is to take a look at the Kemei Men's Hair Clipper Set as it's a good middle point for most people. It offers value without deferring from quality.

Kemei makes a large number of hair trimmers and trying to compare between the models can be overwhelming. So I suggest you just give a few of the best Kemei hair clipper models a chance, this way it won't be so hard to compare.

For example, you could compare Kemei KM 5031 VS Kemei KM 2600 as they are similar styles, but the KM 5031 includes the full set for trimming your ear/nose hair and detailing.

Other Popular Kemei Hair Trimmer Models Include

  • KM-1996 All Metal Professional hair trimmer
  • KM-1990 Cordless With LED Display
  • KM-1949 T-Blade 0mm Shaving - Best For Bald Heads
  • KM-600


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