July 08, 2020 | Joshua Fleming

Are Kemei Hair Clippers Any Good And Who Makes Them

Because Kemei isn't a huge brand in the USA, many people often search; Are Kemei hair clippers any good, followed closely by where are Kemei Clippers made?. When you don't know much about a brand or its reputation, research becomes your best friend. It is easy to get swept away with hyped up sale...

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June 18, 2020 | Joshua Fleming

Will A Shaved Head Suit Me - The Truth You've Been Waiting To Hear

Will a shaved head suit me? Discover why shaving your hair off completely is not as scary as you may think. Pulling off the bald look in the correct way can make you feel more confident, appealing and attractive. Plus you can save a boatload of money when you shave your head yourself. View Post

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