Plants That Repel Snakes From Your Garden [Do They Even Work]

May 13, 2020 | Joshua Fleming

Plants That Repel Snakes From Your Garden [Do They Even Work]

While snakes have a place in the world, most people don't want them in their yard or garden, so we go to different lengths to keep them out such as using plants that repel snakes. In combination with a solar snake repeller, utilizing plants is a popular way of trying to repel snakes from your yard.

The best part about this combination is that it can be cost-effective and low maintenance. As an added bonus, doing some preparations to deter snakes can also make your garden visually appealing.

Most people have had a snake in their yard or home at some point whether you were aware or not, snakes are there. Being undetected is exactly how a snake prefers it to be since they prefer to be unseen. They also have a keen sense of smell which is why plants can be so effective at repelling them from your yard.

Plants Are A Natural DeterrentPlants That Repel Snakes

You could go with some store-bought repellent that may or may not work, but the truth is many are be filled with a number of chemicals that can not only harm your garden but humans as well. This is why more and more people are looking for natural ways to repel snakes.

Such as introducing plants that deter snakes into their homes. If you already have snakes in your garden, you may need to manually remove them with a professional snake grabber before you plant new plants.

While snakes can actually be a good pet to have in your yard as they lower the rodent count around your property, the risks of being bitten by a snake are too high for a lot of people. So finding out the different plants that repel plants is essential in keeping your family safe.

What Plants Repel Snakes And How Do They Work?

There are a lot of plants on the planet and trying to find all the different varieties that snakes don't like is almost impossible. This can make it extremely overwhelming when trying to research what works and what doesn't repel snakes, which is why I wanted to put this list together.

One thing to remember is that while some of these plants will help with repelling snakes, there is no guarantee that all snakes will avoid them. Snakes can be fairly stubborn creatures at times and if they want to get food that's on your property there is a good chance they will find a way in.

This is why people try other methods to repel snakes like chemicals and solar-powered snake repellers to keep snakes off their property. Plants will not only look better but are a natural deterrent compared to chemicals and personally, I find plants work extremely well when it's paired up with a solar-powered snake repeller as mentioned earlier.

There isn't a whole lot of scientific evidence behind plants and keeping snakes out of your yard, so it's important to keep this in mind. While they might have things that snakes don't like, it can't guarantee that it will keep the snakes out of your home. However, there is certainly no harm in adding these plants around your home anyways.

Does Lemongrass Repell Snakes

Lemongrass And How It Works To Deter Snakes

One of the most popular plants to repel snakes with is lemongrass. The main reason that people use lemongrass is that the plant releases a citrus odor which is an odor that snakes don't like. Sure the citrus smell may not deter a snake that's on a mission to get into your chicken coop, it may deter the snake just passing by.

Another reason lemongrass is commonly used is that it's a very low maintenance plant, with it only requiring the occasional watering. This is something that really needs to be done during summer since that's when the plant will be affected by the sun the most. Compared to other plants, this is very easy to grow and look after.

Out of all the plants on the list, this is one of the ones that I trust the most with trying to repel a snake from your yard. As with all of the plants on this list, I think they work best in conjuncture with other preventative measures such as snake fences, meshing, and solar-powered snake repellers strategically positioned around snake entry points.

What Plants Deter Snakes From Your Garden

Marigolds Are A Popular Choice

A lot of people go with the marigold option over many other types of plants to deter snakes with the main reason being that they're a nice looking plant. The way that marigolds are meant to repel snakes is that it releases an odor that rodents find repugnant, so the smell keeps them away. If you can remove a snakes reason for entering your property, chances are the snake will move on to find food elsewhere.

However, Marigolds do need a bit of work to keep them fully alive as they like soil that drains really well and exposure  full sunlight. This can make them a bit of a headache for most people who are looking for something a little bit easier.

While these types of plants do require additional maintenance, it's hard to ignore just how good marigolds look and this is why a lot of people use them in their garden. Reducing the number of rodents on your property by using these plants will help with keeping the frequency of snakes appearing, so it's one plant that I do highly recommend.

Mugwort Repells Snakes

Wormwood (Mugwort) Requires Attention

No matter what you call it wormwood has a few interesting characteristics that help with repelling snakes. Something that isn't known is why snakes don't like mugwort, it might have something to do with that it has a lot of insecticidal characteristics that could deter snakes from going near it.

Maintenance of wormwood is extremely minimum which sounds like a good thing to most people. There is a downside to this and that's mugwort can grow out of control very quickly which can turn it into extremely high maintenance if you don't pay attention to it.

This alone is reason enough for most people avoiding mugwort and is one of the reasons I don't fully recommend it. Unless you're a keen gardener and don't mind the constant maintenance it will get out of hand very quickly and become an issue for your entire yard.

Flowers That Deter Snakes

The Allrounder Plant Tulbaghia Violacea - Pink Agapanthus

The tulbaghia violacea has a reputation of keeping a lot of creatures out of your yard such as mosquitoes and fleas which is something I think we all will like. The odor it gives off is the reason that most people believe it repels snakes but as with all of these plants, there is no scientific evidence.

One of the reasons a lot of people use this plant is how it has a lot of different uses like people believing it can cure colds, coughs, and headaches. The thing I like is that it can handle the heat extremely well with it being able to survive in areas where droughts are fairly common.

This plant is apart of the reason that people believe that snakes don't like garlic since it gives off a bit of a garlic smell to some people. It's also the same reason why people believe it works as a cure for a number of different ailments.

The combination of how tough it is, the multiple uses, and how it's a nice looking plant is the reason it's so popular. It's often found not just outside the home but people are now bringing it inside since they like it so much.

Snake Plant Is One To Consider

Also known as the Viper's Bowstring Hemp in some circles, is a very striking plant that has a great appearance. Many consider the reason that this plant repels snakes is the appearance of it and how it looks from a snakes perspective.

It's fairly easy to grow as well since it can be grown in any season and works as both an indoor and outdoor plant. One thing to remember is that it's not a big fan of frost and strong cold winds which can make it difficult in some places.

I find this a difficult plant to recommend since the evidence behind it is even less than some of the other plants on this list. It's worth a try if you like the look of the plant and don't mind taking the risk.

The Best Plants To Use Together

As with implementing multiple snake deterrents as possible, I find it's best to use a number of plants together as this will give you the best chance of keeping snakes out of your yard. By combining plants you increase your odds of keeping snakes out which is the ultimate goal for most people.

The biggest issue usually comes with most people not wanting to actually do any gardening and maintenance which is something I can understand if you don't have a green thumb. This was something I was considered when I was putting this list of plants together, listing as many low maintenance plants as possible.

This is why you won't find something like wormwood down here as it's a plant that will grow very easy, but requires a lot of work to stop it from overtaking your garden. The amount of work it requires really does add up when you constantly have to weed it out and considering there is no real evidence it works, it just makes it difficult to justify its inclusion.


What Plants Works Well Together

The combination I have chosen is a mix of three plants above that I consider to be easy to grow and have a few alternative uses besides repelling snakes that make them worth planting. Easy to grow is one of the main things I look for since I'm not a fan of having to spend every weekend in my yard working on my garden.

It should come as no surprise that the first plant that I will be choosing is lemongrass as it's one plant that actually has a bit of a track record against snakes, but like always, it's not a guarantee. The minimum amount of maintenance is something that I really like and it can handle the heat extremely well.

A not so shocking second pick is marigold, as it has a lot of advantages to the plant itself compared to others. The ability to keep pests out while looking as nice as they do is a good reason to add these plants to the list you should use. As long as you use good soil that drains and gives them the sunlight they will need and you're good to go.

The last plant I would recommend to the three is tulbaghia violacea or more commonly known as pink agapanthus. It's a tough plant that has a lot of versatility which makes it a fairly easy to recommend plant in my opinion. Its ability to handle the heat is a big selling point to this plant since heat kills most plants more than anything.

Best Plants To Get Rid Of Snakes

This Is The Best Combination

The combination of these three plants is one of the best ways of keeping snakes out of your yard, but it can take a little while for the plants to grow unless you purchase them fully grown. This can get expensive but it's fairly achievable for most in most situations and keeping your family safe is a priority in my opinion.

One thing you may have noticed is that I recommend going with the plants in combination with something like a solar-powered snake repeller. I'm a big believer in trying to do everything possible to keep snakes out of my yard so I will use almost anything at my disposal to keep my yard safe.

Always Remember This Important Fact

I've mentioned it countless times on this list and that there is very little scientific information behind plants and keeping snakes out of your yard. While there might be some correlation, there isn't any definitive proof that these plants keep snakes off of your yard which is why even if you have every plant on earth I'd still check your yard.

Snakes are always looking for a new home or for some food and trying to minimize these things on your property will help negate snakes coming to your yard. In my opinion, there is no harm in trying new things to at least help with keeping them out of your yard.

One Of The Best Ways To Repel Snakes From Your Yard

Best Way To Deter Snakes From Garden

Solar-powered snake repellers are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons with them being on the lower end of the price scale and safe for your family. They're a very simple technology that will protect your yard from snakes over a wide area if you go with a decent model.

There are a lot of advantages to going with a solar-powered snake repeller over the other models on the market in my opinion. A lot of repellers require batteries which you will be required to constantly change out, which is why having solar power is a big advantage as it doesn't require constant change.

While plants are a great option at keeping snakes away they take ages to grow and can be difficult to plant. Not to mention you might not have access to some of the plants which give a snake repeller an advantage over plants since they're easy to install and don't require maintenance.

How Do They work?

One of the most common questions I see about solar-powered snake repellers is how do they work? I can understand why people ask this question as it's not very clear to those who don't know a lot about snakes and what they don't like.

A snake repeller works by emitting a frequency that confuses the snake into thinking something much larger is nearby like a herd of elephants. The idea is that snakes are scared of such things and will slither away not wanting to risk there life.

Even something like a King Cobra doesn't want to face an elephant so your standard garden snake isn't going to as well. This is the basic premise behind a snake repeller and why so many people swear by them.

What To Look For In A Solar-Powered Snake Repeller?

The most important thing you should look for in a snake repeller is the frequency it emits since this is what keeps the snake away. A decent model should emit a frequency between 400mhz and 1000mhz as this is the range a larger creature would have which is what would scare a snake away.

Having an LED light on your snake repeller can also deter snakes since snakes don't like being seen. So not only does an LED light help scare away a snake, but it also will make your yard look nicer at night which is something I personally really like.

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